Boost Your Hotel Distribution and Effectiveness

When it comes to online marketing, visibility is the key to success. This means you’ll want to have your Hotel Photography and virtual tour services appearing on as many channels as possible. Manual distribution takes countless hours, and you’ll never reach as many sites as you’d like to be listed on.

RTV has one of the best distribution services for your hotel, motel and hospitality virtual tours. With thousands of channels, automated distribution, and the ability to dispense video content in just the way customers are looking for, you’ll see a huge jump in visibility and views for your virtual tours.

Visual content distribution for every channel:
With RTV’s distribution your viewers will be able to see your rich media content right away, instead of clicking through links and pop-ups—which often results in frustration and a return to the search results to look for something else. With the help of our distribution partners RTV sends your panoramas and still images out quickly so viewers will see your spectacular virtual tours right away.

RTV is able to distribute your images to all major channels and thousands of real estate, travel, and content websites, including Google, Facebook, Flickr, Kayak, Orbitz, Expedia, Mapquest, YouTube, Priceline, Vent, HRS, Hotel Seeker, and many more!

Grow your virtual tour business with analytics:
The more you know about your customers’ searching and viewing habits, the more you’ll be able to adjust your campaigns to be even more effective. RTV is able to deliver plenty of analytical tools to help you tweak your content solutions and sell more virtual tours.

With RTV your content is displayed in exactly the way the viewer wants to see it. Viewers experience less frustration, and as a result, you’ll enjoy more views, more click-throughs, and an increased ROI.
Contact RTV today to learn more about using our distribution connections to distribute your hotel virtual tours, and look forward to a major increase in views—and revenue!

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