Another Happy Camper at RTV

Dear RTV,

I just joined up with the RTV virtual tour software family and I’m very impressed with the whole origination and all the wonderful things it has to offer. As a matter of fact I’m quite happy I have an organization that I’m accepted and comfortable with. Photography is my passion, Ive been in the tire business (Pirelli) for longer than I can remember and to be quite honest, “I’m TIRED of being TIRED” so to speak!

Anyway, I’m now unemployed and doing what I like more than tires and that’s Photography. So, I’ve invested in the world’s best virtual tour software system and I’m going for my Real Estate license all at the same time!

I’ve been attending some of the RTV webinars at and have just started testing my new spherical set-up photographing my own home in Argyle Texas, you may have guessed by my writing,  I’m not from Texas but from BOSTON ….. Wicked great town and of course, Wicked great teams SOX, Brewins, Pats & Celtics.

By the way, I love what you’ve done to present your VAST knowledge for us NEWBY’s.  I’m watching your 2012 webinar on spherical photography and stitching in PTGui. I’ve got the regular 360 cylindrical panoramas down and will now master the spherical panoramas.

I shoot with Canon 1ds Mark III and 5d Mark II and for this 360 virtual cylindrical photography I’m using using 14mm f2.8 canon lens. I have calculated both my cameras for the parallax alignment and am ready to roll. Thanks again RTV!


Jack Dimaio
Order a virtual tour: 940-455-2617