Virtual Tour Company Insurance?

Got Virtual Tour Business Insurance??

As a virtual tour provider, you need to protect yourself and your business with General Liability Insurance.

What would happen if you accidentally knocked over an expensive Ming Dynasty Vase while setting up your camera and tripod? Are you aware that you would be held responsible and would need to pay for the damage?

What if the homeowner or sales agent that hired you to do a virtual tour made false accusations about you or your virtual tour business? Defense costs alone could cost you thousands of dollars.

You can not afford to be without liability insurance for your virtual tour business.

Furthermore, proof of insurance is a requirement prior to becoming eligible for work with certain national Tour Track accounts here at RTV. 

As an RTV virtual tour provider, a $1,000,000 General Liability Insurance policy is available to you for $300 per year. The policy is subject to a $500 property damage deductible and subject to all other policy terms and conditions.

RTV, Inc. has reached an agreement with C&M Insurance Services, Inc. so that C&M Insurance will provide general liability insurance policies to the entire RTV virtual tour provider. By leveraging the buying power of our HUGE network of professional photographer, C&M Insurance is able to offer this general liability policy at an unbeatable price.

NOTE: RTV, Inc. is not affiliated with C&M Insurance Services and is not affiliated with the sale of this insurance. RTV virtual tour providers will make their insurance purchases directly from C&M Insurance Services, Inc.

The first step to take advantage of this $1,000,000 General Liability Insurance Policy offer is to contact C&M Insurance Services, Inc. at 231-946-8300 and speak with Sandy.

  C&M Insurance Services, Inc. – (231) 946-8300
  Attn: RTV provider Program
  206 Munson Avenue
  Traverse City, MI 49686

Thanks for your continued support!


Team RTV
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