RTV Announces RoboTour

You asked for it, and we delivered! With the all-new RTV RoboTour, you won’t have to spend hours stitching photographs after a long day of shooting — instead, relax and enjoy summer evenings with the family. RoboTour is a full-service photo stitching solution built right into your Fusion virtual tour software system! For just $10, we’ll download and stitch up to 10 of your panoramic images for you. Additional photos are just $1 each!

Most of our virtual tour providers spend countless hours processing images. With RoboTour, you can begin the virtual tour upload process and skip the stitching altogether. You’ll create your virtual tour in the Fusion system as usual, but when you get to the step where you would normally upload images, you’ll click on the “RoboTour” feature under the Additional Features section. After answering a few questions about your virtual tour, you can then upload all of your images. All still images will be posted immediately as usual. The panoramas will be sent to an RTV Production Manager, who will download, assemble, edit, and publish the images directly to the corresponding virtual tour. You’ll be notified when the images have been assembled and posted, so you can finalize the virtual tour production. It’s that easy!

We’re planning on offering this service with a 24-hour turnaround time, but we anticipate delivering the finished panoramas much quicker. To prepare for RoboTour orders, RTV has staffed three full-time Production Managers in our home office.

RTV is the first national virtual tour company to offer this type of service to independent, private branded virtual tour photographers. Our new RoboTour solution will allow you to concentrate more on sales and marketing, without getting overloaded during the busy summer months.

Thank you for your continued support! Please watch for more innovative virtual tour software developments from RTV.


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