Got Virtual Tour Software?

When it comes to showing your real estate property to as many people as possible, the Internet is definitely the best way to go. Placing your property online allows you to present your home, business, or other property to multiple interested clients. Virtual tour software such as RTV’s new Fusion system gives you the power to create a realistic virtual walk-through of any type of property. A virtual tour can be a huge selling point when shown to interested clients who are in the market to make a purchase, rent a room , or simply visit a vacation rental.

By creating a virtual tour, you are allowing individuals to become familiar with your property before physically seeing it. This can be extremely helpful for those who are currently unsure about buying and may not want to travel a far distance. Using the newest and most advanced virtual tour software, property owners are able to upload high definition (HD) photos, videos, interactive panoramic photos, music, and much more. The options to customize a virtual tour are set so that each tour is unique for its owner and shows off each individual selling point. This gives a buyer the perfect visual experience so that they can make a personal connection and have that same feeling as if they were to walk into the home or property.

The visual aspect of RTV’s Fusion is not the only great benefit. The ability to share your property tour throughout the web by uploading to popular travel sites, classified listings, and other property websites is very powerful and effective. Placing your listings on the  top travel websites allows more traffic and potential sales to each listing. 360 virtual tours are an effective marketing tool that will take your listing from outdated and boring  to “SOLD”! 

Taking advantage of the latest technology and popular real estate marketing methods is by far one of the best ways to stay ahead of your competition. By reaching out to a larger and national audience, you can be sure that your listing will not stay on the market for long. If you are trying to sell a home or just rent out hotel rooms, using a powerful virtual tour software is the way to go!


Brian Boyer

RTV Inc.
Support Team
Virtual Tour Software & Digital Marketing Training