Did Your Virtual Tour Make My Bed Skirt Wrinkley?

We recently did some professional hotel photography to and a hotel virtual tour.  The owners had several weeks to prepare for the photo shoot and when we arrived, they had chosen their very best rooms for us to shoot.  They sent their head housekeeper with us to make sure everything was absolutely perfect.  After we delivered the pictures and virtual tour, they wrote back and complained that the pictures made the bed skirt look wrinkled in one of the rooms.  Really, you think it was the camera that did that?

We all know that age old question that we women use to paralyze our husbands — “Does this outfit make me look fat?”  Deep down we know the truth — the outfit doesn’t make us look fat, our fat makes me look fat. The pictures didn’t make the bed skirt look wrinkled, the wrinkles made the bed skirt look wrinkled.  The real question that we are asking is really, “Does this outfit make me look as good as I possibly can considering how fat I really am?”

Our goal when taking pictures for our commercial virtual tours and real estate virtual tours is to make every area look as good as it possibly can while honestly representing the space.  Our virtual tour pricing includes basic staging and basic Photoshop editing which is mainly decluttering and color correction but what we don’t do is alter the pictures to misrepresent what we are shooting.

Greg does a great job of taking the pictures from the best possible angle to showcase the facility or home in the best possible way but we feel it is dishonest and unethical to totally alter what we shot with Photoshop after the fact.  It is the responsibility of the home owner or business owner to make sure that what we are shooting is ready when we arrive.

As any man knows who has ever been asked “does this make me look fat” sometimes diplomacy is the best course of action but as a good husband also knows, the truth may hurt both of you but it’s always the best policy.