Platinum Real Estate Photography

Port Aransas Virtual Tour CompanyWe all know that most home buyers today use the Internet to find the home of their dreams or at a minimum to find several homes that they think will fit their needs. If a home has poor photos online, chances are that the home buyer will just go on to the next property and not wade through poor photos. This is true also for those who rent and especially true for those who rent vacation homes.

At Virtual Digital Images we have always taken great pride in our ability to show a property in its best light by focusing on taking great photos. To help you continue to stand out on the Internet from your competition we introduced our Platinum level photography.

Our Platinum real estate photography uses the latest computer assisted photographic techniques using nine photo layers to combine into one outstanding photo. We recently photographed an apartment complex and took some photos using both our standard photography and our Platinum Photography to show you some of the differences between the two processes.

Platinum photos really help photos pop and grab attention when viewed on the Internet. Even outdoor scenes such as this pool area can really be highlighted through Platinum. Platinum photos really shine when you want to capture both the richness of the interior and the gorgeous out the window view.
So if you would like the advantage of our best 360 home tours and photography just ask for Platinum when making your property photo session appointment.

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