Home Sellers MUST Demand Professional Services

Being new to the Virtual Tour Business, I have been online looking at the many homes for sale in the area.  I am amazed at the poor quality of photographs and virtual tour technology that is being used to market the properties.  

According to the National Association of Realtors, nine out of 10 home shoppers begin their search on the Web.  More Americans have smart phones than college degrees. With these statistics,  I am surprised that sellers aren’t demanding that their homes be shown in the best possible light.   If a buyer looks for a home online and is not able to see a virtual tour with the front of the home, the yard, and all of the rooms they will not likely call their realtor to visit. Homes with Virtual Tours receive 38% more views.

I am not a realtor, but if I were,  I would provide my client with a top notch virtual tour in order give prospective buyers the richest source of information about the property in one easy to find location. 
I am not selling my home either, but if  I were, I would choose the realtor that was providing the best marketing tools for my property. In order to give me the best possible exposure (syndication to over 85 top Real Estate Portals)  and best chance of selling my home quickly and for top dollar. 


Pam Gleichman
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