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Port Aransas Virtual Tour CompanyWe all know that most home buyers today use the Internet to find the home of their dreams or at a minimum to find several homes that they think will fit their needs. If a home has poor photos online, chances are that the home buyer will just go on to the next property and not wade through poor photos. This is true also for those who rent and especially true for those who rent vacation homes.

At Virtual Digital Images we have always taken great pride in our ability to show a property in its best light by focusing on taking great photos. To help you continue to stand out on the Internet from your competition we introduced our Platinum level photography.

Our Platinum real estate photography uses the latest computer assisted photographic techniques using nine photo layers to combine into one outstanding photo. We recently photographed an apartment complex and took some photos using both our standard photography and our Platinum Photography to show you some of the differences between the two processes.

Platinum photos really help photos pop and grab attention when viewed on the Internet. Even outdoor scenes such as this pool area can really be highlighted through Platinum. Platinum photos really shine when you want to capture both the richness of the interior and the gorgeous out the window view.
So if you would like the advantage of our best 360 home tours and photography just ask for Platinum when making your property photo session appointment.

Give us a call today to book your appointment.

– (361) 749-0901

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Attention RTV Virtual Tour Providers:

We have some exciting news for you. In addition to moving to our new, larger office space on the river, we’ve grown our staff to better service your needs.  As many of you may already know, Ben Knorr has accepted a position at his father’s company, Knorr Marketing. Ben will be heading up a new furniture division for Knorr. In his absence from our support team, we have added three additional staff members to assist with trainings, setups and technical support.

We would like to welcome James Fewlass, James Zeits (JZ), and Brian Boyer to our team.  We’ll be posting their bios real soon on our “Meet the Team” page.

The new RTV support “Super” team will be online and ready to assist you Monday through Friday from 9:00 AM Eastern to 6:00 PM and comes with a very wide variety of computer knowledge and expertise. We’ve also recently introduced to you our new Skype support that can be contacted via Skype at RTVSUPPORT.

Our commitment is to provide our customers with not only the very best virtual tour software on the market but also the fastest response time to your emails, phone calls and SKYPE questions. We’re sure you’ll notice an overall better level of service than ever before!!

To ensure that your support requests are returned as quickly as possible, please send all of your support related e-mails to support(at)  By sending your initial support email to support(at), you will take advantage of our new technical support ticket system. The first available support team member will be assigned to your support ticket and will then work directly with you.

We would like to thank you for your continued support and dedication to our brand.

Team RTV

RTV, Inc
Virtual Tour Software & Digital Marketing Training

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When we start talking about the game of Internet marketing most successful business owners will tell you that it’s ongoing and a very long game indeed. So most of you keep asking us here at RTV how to keep your virtual tour business around for the long haul and here’s our reply to you that will give you some very good ideas on your internet marketing strategy as well as your long-term goals.

First of all it’s easy to start focusing too much on short term goals in your online marketing efforts. The web is so fast paced and ‘overnight’ success stories are so rampant that we often forget how much time and effort it takes to build and market something great online.  This remains true when building your local virtual tour business too.

There are marketing avenues out there on the web that allow you to quickly get some return on your investment: paid search and display advertising are two of the most common. But chances are you will have a better long term ROI and more sustainable marketing efforts by investing in inbound marketing tactics like organic SEO, blogging and content marketing.  If you have not watched our shows in Rock Pointe Marketing on Blogging and SEO, now would be a very good time.  So many of you have been calling in and asking us how you can get your virtual tour company to rank better on your local market yet we fail to see you actually put a plan into place to make this happen.

Let’s look at a few specific examples of where playing the long game provides the most value for your Internet marketing campaign:

Blogging: In our opinion, blogging is probably the area where most most of our virtual tour customers (virtual tour providers & real estate brokers – agents) give up much too quickly. We’ll get between one and three blogs from them when they first start out but when they don’t see instant results or leads coming in they give up too early. Time goes by and ultimately they are missing out on valuable back links, social shares, referrals, search traffic and brand trust that can only come from creating compelling blog content. Watch the RTV show on blogging at to learn more.

SEO: It’s going to take some time to rank highly for all of the keywords you want to target. At RTV we try to make this very easy for you and have all of you start out using what we call “Geographical” keywords.  This allows your campaign to be laser focuses on your specific region of the world.  Your SEO campaign should start out the month that you go into business.  Those of you that put this off for a rainy day will never get to it.  Sadly a quality SEO campaign never really ends, BUT you can set it up correctly and forget it for awhile. You’ll always need to keep it in mind though as the virtual tour industry changes.  For example, years ago it would not have been important to rank highly on HTML 5 virtual tours, but now days this is becoming more and more important. Your keywords will evolve over time and there are always new areas to break into. For more information please be sure to watch our SEO classes in to learn more.

Social media: Social media makes it really easy to become overly focused with short term results. No matter which social network you’re on, there’s a handy number of fans or followers that you can use to quickly judge the success of your social media efforts. Don’t do it. Avoid score-carding yourself against your competitors in social media, because let’s face it, a Twitter account with 25 real, qualified followers is infinitely more valuable than one with 5,000 fake followers.

Most of the time, marketing strategies that deliver short term dividends do not provide long term payoffs. Your end goal is your “Blast Off” moment. Whatever that goal is, you should be passionate about it and it should drive every decision your virtual tour business makes. When your customers see your passion and drive they’ll tend to come in droves.

Send us a short story about your virtual tour company today and kick off your monthly blogging effort!  We’ll see you on Mars RTV!


Team RTV
Virtual Tour Software & Digital Marketing Training

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Do You Have A “WOW” Factor in your Virtual Tour Business? What does a “WOW” factor mean?  A “WOW” factor is something that your virtual tour company does to go above and beyond customer expectations in delivering a service or product.  Great customer service involves where the employee gives the client more than they expected or something the client didn’t expect at all. 

A “WOW” factor is a client experience with your virtual tour service and product that causes them to think or say “Wow”; I didn’t expect that because they were surprised.  This experience is a positive opportunity that would make them excited about the service or product you have to offer and to come back to your business and buy from you again.

Having a “WOW” factor in your virtual tour business sets your service apart from your competitors.  It differentiates your business from others and promotes customer loyalty, which is an important factor that makes a connection with your client.  Retention and referrals is a key factor in any business and a client will spend more if they are impressed by a business.  If we take a look at the 80/20 rule, 80% of business comes from 20% of your customers.  It makes sense to market to the 20% with creativity, wowing them along the way.  A “WOW yells out “Surprise”.

Examples of a “WOW”:  Tire store puts shine on the walls of tire after a service; a stylist in a salon walks her client out to her car with an umbrella in the rain so that her hair doesn’t get wet; a fast food drive thru instructs customer that food will take another 2-3 minutes, would they like a complementary beverage while they wait thru the drive-thru. Dropping off a $5 coffee card to your client. Smallest things can make an impact.

A “WOW” factor from Accents Virtual Tours, Inc., of Peachtree City, GA, includes a small vase with a flower with a thank you note attached and delivered to the home owner the day of virtual tour, thanking them for the business.  A CD is made of tour and presented to the agent, to give to their client on their closing date of selling their home.

When choosing your unique “WOW” factor, ask yourself 2 important questions: (1) What can we do that others don’t or can’t do (2) Will it attract employees who want to create it and customers who want to buy it.

What is your “WOW factor?  Remember be creative.

Brenda Stewart
Accents Virtual Tours, LLC
Peachtree City Virtual Tours
Order a virtual tour: 678-481-7274

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Being new to the Virtual Tour Business, I have been online looking at the many homes for sale in the area.  I am amazed at the poor quality of photographs and virtual tour technology that is being used to market the properties.  

According to the National Association of Realtors, nine out of 10 home shoppers begin their search on the Web.  More Americans have smart phones than college degrees. With these statistics,  I am surprised that sellers aren’t demanding that their homes be shown in the best possible light.   If a buyer looks for a home online and is not able to see a virtual tour with the front of the home, the yard, and all of the rooms they will not likely call their realtor to visit. Homes with Virtual Tours receive 38% more views.

I am not a realtor, but if I were,  I would provide my client with a top notch virtual tour in order give prospective buyers the richest source of information about the property in one easy to find location. 
I am not selling my home either, but if  I were, I would choose the realtor that was providing the best marketing tools for my property. In order to give me the best possible exposure (syndication to over 85 top Real Estate Portals)  and best chance of selling my home quickly and for top dollar. 


Pam Gleichman
Order a virtual tour: 815-979-7653

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