Staying in “The Loop”

Why continual marketing is essential for your virtual tour business:

Have you ever noticed that advertisements for major brands like McDonalds, Coca-Cola, and Apple seem to appear everywhere, every day? You may have wondered why these mega-companies need to advertise so much. After all, everyone knows about Big Macs and iPhones. If these companies stopped advertising, people would still buy their products—or would they?

Not necessarily. Marketing is all about top-of-mind and recognition. If, for example, you were thirsty and decided to grab a soda at the gas station, and you happened to pass a Coca-Cola billboard on the way, you’d be more likely to buy a Coke.

Continual marketing helps to keep your virtual tour business top-of-mind for your prospects. You don’t need to take out national radio and television commercials to advertise your virtual tours, but you do need to make sure your potential customers are constantly reminded that your virtual tour services exist.

Continual marketing strategies you can use
How do you keep a perpetual marketing plan running for your virtual tour business? There are several methods that help to boost awareness and recognition for your virtual tour company:

•    Create a free email newsletter, and display a subscription box prominently on every page of your virtual tour website.
•    Use direct mail to send inexpensive bulk postcards to virtual tour prospects.
•    Offer occasional specials, as well as discounts for repeat customers, such as real estate agents.
•    Create a Facebook fan page or Twitter account for your virtual tour business, and build your social media network.
•    Offer bonuses for referrals from existing customers, and invite new prospects to join your mailing list or social media network.

You can use some or all of these strategies, or create your own marketing approaches. Whatever you do, it’s important to craft a continual marketing plan and stick to it, so your potential customers will think of you first when they’re ready to invest in a virtual tour or professional photography services!

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