Roll Up The TeePee and Other Useful Tips

As a professional Aurora Real Estate Virtual Tour Photographer, I am asked over and over for tips on how to make homes show best in photographs.  While there are many articles and blogs dedicated to the subject, I’ve noted a few things that I find truly make the difference:

Make sure to put these things away:

1.    Tissue boxes – Usually brightly coloured, distracts the viewer’s eye and doesn’t usually blend into the colour scheme.

2.    Tea towels hanging on the stove – Same as above. I’ve had some homeowners say they want to leave them there to hide the discoloration/stains on oven door glass. These stains/discolourations blend into the picture, whereas the tea towels stand out.

3.    Phone Chargers – Randomly plugged in anywhere, with long dangly wires just hanging out. These really detract from the rooms polished and finished look.

4.    Family/Personal photos – It’s best to remove all family/personal photos especially the large ones which will show clear in the tour – moving the focus from the rooms unique attributes to the faces of your family.

5.    Towels/Robes hanging on the back of bathroom doors – Depending on the shape of the bathroom or amount of mirror/glass,  they usually show in the reflection of the mirror or shower doors or will stand out prominently if the door needs to be closed for the shot.

6.    Kitchen Trash Bins – Any kind of garbage can or recycle bin should be removed from or hidden in a cupboard…clearing up floor space and giving your kitchen the ‘clean’ feeling.

Things you may not realize:

1.    Light bulbs – Try to use the same type of bulb in each room. Soft white bulbs give off a yellow-ish hue and bright white bulbs give off a blue cast, while LED photograph pink.

2.    Toilet paper – Roll it up! Leaving it long and hanging makes your bathroom appear is if someone just used it.

3.    Less is not always more – De-cluttering is a good thing…unless you remove everything but the furniture! Making your home look too sparse and empty gives your home a gloomy, abandoned feel.

Following these tips as well cleaning and de-cluttering your home will help your home show its best during your Real Estate Virtual Tour shoot! For more preparation tips and information on our Aurora Ontario Virtual tours, please visit or call me directly at 905-713-9690.

Here at PanaPix, we aim to be the very best in our field – never, ever wavering on our commitment to providing superior service, quality and dependability while we create your virtual tour!

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