Panoramas, PTGui, my 8mm Sigma Fisheye Lens

I ordered the FusionMax XS as part of my virtual tour software package since I think that 360×360 degree virtual tours are a great tool to have when you need them.  Expensive chandeliers, crown moulding, skylights and vaulted ceilings should be showcased in an Interactive Virtual Tour. 

Getting set up with the Fusion Max XS was fairly simple. The training provided by RTV was solid and thorough. (A little too thorough Ben) I wanted to share a couple of things I learned along the way in hopes that you guys might avoid some of the tough lessons I learned!

Make sure all your nuts and bolts are really tight!  Halfway through a 360 tour when you realize that your XS has been shifting on the camera plate each rotation or one of the arms has shifted an inch and your Nodal Point is WAY off and suddenly your photo stitching software isn’t happy with you!

One of my 12 shots was blurry and PTGui is calling it an orphan??  I spent the better part of an hour setting points, editing the panoramic image in Photoshop.  Yuck!  Finally I tried deleting the blurry image all together! Wahoo, 11 photos and PTGui produced for me an ‘Almost’ perfect image. Again…you must make sure you’re on your nodal point and keep the settings that RTV gives you to avoid this from happening.

I love my Sigma 8MM!!!  With my Sigma 8MM I could probably use 6 images and still have a great pano! My T4i has a built in HDR setting.  While I bracket all of my stills and edit them separately, I couldn’t get over having to edit 12 HDR photos for one panoramic image.  Voila… Kinda.  It works great outside in the daylight, but inside it is pretty inconsistent.  So I’ll be using my HDR feature for Panos outside but bracketing inside from now on.

Did I miss the part in the training videos on how to remove the elongated distortion from panos?  I know it’s possible!  I keep watching RTV provider tours with flawless panos and NO DISTORTION!  I tried calling one of em’.. as per my last post.. but failed to reach them.  I was desperate to figure out how to fix my disgusting distorted panos!  Finally!!.. It’s so Simple.. In the ‘Pano editor’ while creating the tour, zoom in on the image… That’s it!  That was easy. Geesh, 20 Gray Hairs Later!

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