Mobile Websites From Virtual Digital Images

Our video today is taking a look at mobile websites and some of the advantages that a good mobile website brings to realtors, brokers and property management companies.
What makes a mobile web site different from your standard website is that the site is formatted for the limited screen size of your mobile telephone. So information is very concise and fits within the limits of the physical screen size.
Our mobile website can be accessed in three ways; a QR Code, Web Address or a Text Message.

Often clients are exposed to our mobile website through a sign rider, sales flyer or some other print medium. In this video demonstration we are using a text message; the phone number for our text service is 43766 and the message is our short code, BUYIDI6.
One of the nice features about this mobile website is that you can show multiple property virtual tours on the site so your prospect can find out more about the home that they are in front of as well as about other properties that you represent.

When you look at the property you can see all of the pertinent information about the property including price, bedrooms, baths, square footage etc.
The contact button provides your contact information including one button dialing to your phone, sending you a text message, or an email and links to your full website as well as your social networking pages. Each perspective client phone number that texts to access your mobile website is captured and forwarded to you giving you the opportunity to personally follow up with each new lead.

What an easy way to capture new customers!
Our mobile web sites are very easy to sign up for, through our website; and selecting mobile website from the side navigation bar. The mobile website is just $29.95 per month. It’s easy to get started with your mobile website, and a snap to maintain as you close properties and add new listings. If you would like we will manage your mobile web site for you as part of our full service virtual tour option.
If you would like more information on this inexpensive and powerful tool, call or email us today.

Alan Fon
Local – (361) 749-0901