It’s Convention Day in Traverse City!!

The alarm goes off at 5:45 AM and I spring out of bed.  It’s convention day in Traverse City!!  The annual Strawberries and Toast show put on every year by the Traverse Area Association of Realtors (TAAR).  It’s our chance to get in front of our customers and showcase everything we’ve been up to over the past year.  It’s an event we’ll never miss.  This was our fifth year attending the show as BlueLaVaMedia, LLC. A Traverse City Virtual Tour Company. Now with over 150 local real estate agents as customers, we’re used to seeing many familiar faces as they all stop on by our booth throughout the morning.

This year was especially exciting as there seemed to be more new agents than ever before just entering the profession.  A wonderful chance for us to hand out cards, give away pens, and of course collect business cards to build our email list and allow one lucky person to win a virtual tour, complete with our new AstroZoom feature.  I sit down to eat my French Toast, sausage and eggs and find myself next to an old friend of mine who had just become a Realtor.  A perfect chance for me to catch up and let her know about all of our amazing services that we offer.  It was great! 

Jim and I wanted to go all out this year so we brought with us a HUGE flat screen LCD television to showcase our Fusion virtual tours. The scene was nothing short of breathtaking.  Before the show, Jim spent a few hours preparing an “Overview” tour complete with full motion video, panoramas, stills, hot spots, lead capture, 3D mouse instructor, voice overs, TrueBlue Photography, night shots, traffic reports, printable flyers, QR codes, and AstroZoom. Check it out:

If you’re a virtual tour provider with RTV, I would highly recommend that you make a Fusion presentation like this for your virtual tour business.  It’s a wonderful sales tool. 

Throughout the show nearly a dozen of our customers came up to Jim and I and shared with us their appreciation of our top level service and their delight of our new Fusion system.  Over and over we heard that it was one of their first pages they include in their listing presentation.  Many told us they are using the printable flyers and QR codes.  Some are even pulling out the iPad and turning on Gyro during a sales pitch.  It was amazing to hear all the great compliments on the technology and photography!!

Those that had not yet used us just stared in awe at the presentation on the screen, shook their heads and exclaimed that they had never seen anything like it before.  “Is this video or something different?”, they would ask.  Of course we told them that it was far beyond video!  None left our booth without taking a card.  It was great to see the excitement.

As the trade show reached the end,  Jim had taken several new virtual tour orders and we found each other staring there at the big screen just admiring the presentation that we had setup for the show.  This was indeed our best year so far!! With Jim’s amazing “TrueBlue” photography and Fusion at our side we literally felt bullet proof.  Let’s shoot for 500 virtual tours this year Jim!

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