AstroZooms, Hair Salons and Reciprocity

Tour Tank Productions

A while back I took an extensive marketing course presented by some of the worlds greatest and most successful marketers.

I would like to share a golden nugget with the RTV virtual tour company team, that if applied, will help your businesses in a big big way!

As of recently all of my Owen Sound Virtual Tours have been ordered with the AstroZoom feature.  That’s right, ALL of them!  If an agent never had one before, and hasn’t requested it, I simply tell them that I am going to give them a complimentary ‘AstroZoom’ feature on their 360 tour.  I tell them it’s an incredible feature that will make their listing stand out above the rest. 

A $9 sacrifice that will begin to bear fruit immediately, here’s 3 reasons how:

1.  Reciprocity:  Reciprocity in social psychology refers to responding to a positive action with another positive action, rewarding kind actions.  When you give something extra to your customer, you can EXPECT to receive something extra! 

A positive first impression, a great review, and of course an AstroZoom order on subsequent virtual tours.  Who would like to make an additional $11 on a tour for clicking a button?

2.  Hair Salons:  Have you ever had your hair shampooed at a hair salon?  It’s not about getting your hair washed; It’s about getting a head massage that feels so incredible!  The problem is, most people sit in a salon chair and will never experience that invigorating massage because they ‘washed’ their hair before they went to the salon!

While I’m getting that wonderful massage all over my head by the stylist, I plainly tell them,  You ought to wash EVERYBODY’S head that walks through that door for a hair cut.  IF they have never had a wash, how will they ever know the experience.  $0.50 of shampoo and 5 minutes of time to potentially earn an extra $5-$10 on all subsequent visits.  Worth it?  I do think so!

If they don’t ask for the Koolaid, just feed it to them!

If you don’t want to lose too much money you can say:  Shampoo’s today are only $1, OR would you like to have an Incredible AstroZoom added to your tour for only $5, a feature that regularly cost $20?

3.  Monkey See, Monkey Do:  When customers visit your website and ‘SEE’ all of your virtual tours with AstroZooms, you will easily be able to sell them the feature! 

It’ll sound something like this on the shoot day:  You: ‘Hey, did you see one of my virtual tours with the AstroZoom on it?’  Customer:  ‘Yes!’  You:  ‘Pretty awesome eh?  Should I put one on your virtual tour, it’s a really really inexpensive feature, only 20 bucks’.  Customer: ‘YES YES YES!!! Put them on all my virtual tours and never ask again!!!’

Here’s a couple of samples if you haven’t seen the AstroZoom feature yet!

This post leads into my next one.  An important principle that most large corporations understand, and most small business don’t have a clue about… Stay Tuned!

Happy selling season!

Mike Seiler
Tour Tank Productions (Owen Sound Ontario)
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