The “Why” Provides The Will

I saw a cartoon on Facebook that said, “If you want me to go running with you, I”m going to need some motivation…Like a clown chasing us with a bloody knife and margaritas waiting on us at the finish line”.  This was posted by a dear friend of mine who swears she could never run a race with me but now I realize that with the proper motivation, I could have her out on the road with me as I train for my half marathon.

When things get tough, it’s extremely important to understand the WHY of what you are doing if you want to find the WILL to continue.  This is true for me whether it’s training for a race or marketing our virtual tour business.  It’s especially important when the finish line is nowhere in sight.  As I’ve said before, the difference between running a marathon and running a small virtual tour business is that with the small business there is no finish line!

Owning our own virtual tour business has been a wonderful experience but it is a roller coaster financially and emotionally.  There are times that I wish that I could just go back to a regular job and get a regular paycheck. We focus primarily on hotel photography and have real estate virtual tours as a secondary source of income.  This means that I am constantly having to prospect for new healthcare companies versus just waiting for the realtors to call me with their new listings.

When I get overwhelmed with the uncertainty of wondering when our next big job will come in, I have to remind myself of why we love what we do.

First, we absolutely believe that what we do makes a difference in people’s lives.  Whether it’s someone looking for a new home or looking for a psychiatric treatment facility, big decisions are much easier when the big picture is available.  Our virtual tours provide a one click overview of a facility that allows the viewer to get a true walk through of the space.  Big decisions are fraught with uncertainty and a good virtual tour takes some of the uncertainty away.

Second, I get to work with my husband every single day and I LOVE that.  Working with your spouse can have challenges but we have an amazing working relationship and have created a great balance between our work life and our love life.  Sure I could get a job that provides me with a nice steady paycheck but it would mean that I wake up to an alarm clock every day and leave him at home because my husband is and always will be an entrepreneur!

The final WHY that gives me the WILL to continue is that I know that if I put the effort in, the results will come.  Sometimes I long for the days where I had a paycheck direct deposited every two weeks but if I am honest our virtual tour business provides us with a much more dependable and predictable stream of income.  I am not bound by someone else’s expectations or limitations in how much we earn or where we work.  In a typical corporate sales job, when you do a great job, your territory gets cut or your commission structure changes.  In our virtual tour business, the more focused I am on outbound marketing, the more money we make.

When I had a big corporate salary, I paid more taxes, had less time, had higher expenses and ended up with much less disposable income.  Our income from our virtual tour business provides us with more happiness, more security, more time, and at the end of the day more money than we had when we had “real jobs” .  Owning our own virtual tour company is not easy but it is definitely worth it!