Starting a Virtual Tour Business

Tour Tank Productions

Since I didn’t have a clue on what or how to do any of this virtual tour ‘stuff’, I began the process of researching! CALLING ALL RTV VIRTUAL TOUR PROVIDERS – One of the first things I did believe it or not was call two provincially ‘local’ RTV providers.  Carolyn Noel, Owner of PanaPix Virtual Tours in Aurora Ontario and Andre Carriere, Owner of Virtual Tour Visions.

Carolyn gave me a half hour of her time on the phone and offered me invaluable advice on how to launch my virtual tour business.  The do’s and don’t s if you will.  I was so encouraged after getting of the Tele with her!

Andre invited me to his territory in the Muskoka’s and brought me to 3 real estate virtual tours!  One of them was a 2 million dollar cottage on a lake front.  He taught me about his shooting techniques, his photo editing process, and so much more on how to run a solid and very successful Virtual Tour Business!

You may be wondering what I learned from a half hour talk with Carolyn, and a day with Andre.. It would literally take me hours and hours to write it out. 

The lesson for this post is to encourage you find a couple of RTV virtual tour providers yourself, give them a call, and open the lines of communication.  It’s great to find out how much we have in common.

I came across Carolyn and Andre’s 360 tours and said to myself, ‘I want to model these guys’ and so I called them.

Mike Seiler
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