Photography or Video?

Silicon Valley Virtual ToursExposure Elements was a photography company first.  We cut our teeth offering professional still photography and Silicon Valley virtual tours in the San Francisco Bay Area. Our clients have come to love our unique ability to deliver extraordinary architectural photography images wrapped into a software delivery tool that gives our business clients the ability to show their business off in an engaging way with just a single click of the mouse.
Our 360 panoramic images create the effects of video movement through a business while still delivering imagery that is impossible to economically deliver.   Video still has compelling value in a virtual tour though.

Why use full motion video?
Full motion video can show elements of a business or property listing that couldn’t be shown otherwise.  For all the strengths of great photography it still lacks the function movement that video can deliver.   Movement comes in many forms such as a personal introduction to the virtual tour,  an  action or process that defines the character of a business or property listing, or a video animation that captures the attention of the viewer.

Personal Introductions
No other scene in a virtual tour can more positively affect the branding and viewer perception than a well done personal introduction.  In the case of a business virtual tour, a personal introduction defines the brand and assures the viewer of senior management interest in the viewer.  See a sample here:

In the case of a real estate virtual tour, a personal introduction articulates the commitment of the listing realtor to the property and builds the branding power of the listing realtor.

Capturing Movement
Capturing movement can be a broad range of activities that range from portraying the nature of the business, such as a chef cooking or a jeweler setting a gemstone into a ring setting.  It can be horses galloping through a field on a horse ranch or an exercise class at a fitness club. 

Existing Video Footage
Existing video footage can be a powerful use of video in an interactive virtual tour.  Many companies already have significant investments in video footage.  Much of that footage is relevant to the function of a virtual tour.  Adding relevant clips to the virtual tour can make a big impact on the final production and create a cohesive bond between the virtual tour message and other company messaging.

Adobe After Effects Animations
Capturing the attention of your audience is the key to a successful video production of any sort.  The most advanced videos today use Adobe After Effects for animated video introductions and trailers.  Exposure Elements can create an engaging animated video introduction and trailer for your virtual tour that will capture your audience’s attention.  Our animated AstroZoom option is an engaging and entertaining animation that can show your viewers where you are located  in a way no other product has done before. 

Photography and Video
So there is no question whether you should use photography or video to show your business to the world.  The answer is to use both.  Our professional photography creates impeccable and compelling imagery of your business or real estate listing.  Short video clips that highlight movement, branding or a personal message are complimentary and create energy in your virtual tour.  Exposure Elements is the San Francisco Bay Area virtual tour company that has the experience to deliver that compelling production to your viewers.

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