My thoughts on the Annual RTV Convention 2013

RTV I love the fact that you have an annual virtual tour provider convention for your FSD’s to attend. The first one that I attended was in Traverse City Michigan which was about 10 hours of driving for me.  This year it was located in Las Vegas Nevada which was a bonus.  I didn’t really have to think twice about going because Vegas is such a fun city, and it had been many years since I had been there.

Arriving a day early we had a chance to take in the Vegas strip. After many hours of walking it was time to meet up with some of the other Virtual Tour providers from around the world. Arrangements were made for us to meet for dinner. It was great to see familiar faces from last year’s convention and meet many of the Facebook group and finally get to put faces to names. 

The days started early with a variety of seminars for us to attend, by the end of the day our rear ends were numb and our heads were ready to explode.  The information was great however for those with ADD; shorter classes’ longer breaks would be a little easier to handle.

Early morning seminars in Vegas… who was the brain behind this?  Let it be known that most were able to make it in fine form, with the exception of a few (you all know who you are).

It was nice that there was an awards banquet to acknowledge the accomplishments of the high achieving Go-getters; you know the ones that should have been buying. Plus we mustn’t forget the efforts of Mr. Congeniality, Sir Party Animal and NOT to mention the hard work of RTV is a crime.  It was a fun filled evening of laughs, good food and great motivating speeches. 

The days were long but they were filled with useful informative seminars relating to the virtual tour industry. The nights were even longer, since “Vegas never Sleeps”.

Motivation and good memories are the greatest thing that I took back with me from this year’s virtual tour convention. I returned home motivated and pumped to make some money to pay for my spending in Vegas, and get me to next year’s convention.  I wonder where it will be and do hope to see you there!  

Carmen Joseph – Peel Region Virtual Tours
(and by no means a comedian)
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