Make 2013 Your Year For Virtual Tour Sales

Refocusing your time toward selling MORE virtual tours.

As online marketing has become more important for all kinds of businesses, the virtual tour market has grown exponentially. This represents a huge opportunity for virtual tour providers to make money selling virtual tours—so if you’ve been sidelining your efforts and only making a few dollars here and there, now is the time to turn things around and start seeing real profits.

How can you refocus to make virtual tours a bigger part of your income? Here are some tips to point you in the right direction.

Treat it like a business
The best way to make the time for selling virtual tours is to treat the process as if it’s worth your time. If you approach your virtual tour business as a hobby or side project that you do in your spare time, you’ll find yourself unwilling or unable to have “spare” time—because there will always be something more important to do.

People are far more likely to buy virtual tours from a virtual tour business than “some person with a camera and software.”

If you haven’t done so already:

  • Start getting your name out there
  • Print some business cards to hand out to prospects
  • Build a professional website to advertise your services
  • Use the powerful Fusion virtual tour system to create a full overview of your professional services
  • Create a list of your most amazing features that are unique to your offering

When you project a professional image, you’ll not only bring in more customers, but you’ll also feel that your work is important enough to dedicate the necessary time.

Self Employed? You still need to go to work every day!

Chances are, much of the work for your virtual tour business is done from your home—but that doesn’t mean it should feel like you’re home when you’re working. Set aside a designated area as your office, whether it’s a quiet corner or a separate room, and schedule a time to be there every day—even if it’s only an hour or two at first.

Take advantage of RTV’s customer support & RockPointeMarketing Center

Our full-service virtual tour providers enjoy access to a wide range of tools, features, and services designed to help you grow your virtual tour program:

  • Ready-to-go power point marketing presentations
  • Weekly training webinars
  • More than 100 hours of extended education classes
  • Access to hundreds of flyers, brochures, email templates and more

Want more?  Create a gallery virtual tour and fill out your Tour Track section of your virtual tour manager.  RTV will send you jobs from our national accounts and you’ll also receive leads from people looking for virtual tour services in your area!

If you’re not taking advantage of everything RTV has to offer for virtual tour providers, head to our website and log in to see what you’re missing. Make 2013 your most profitable year yet through selling virtual tours!

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