Every Business Has a Busy Season!

Port Aransas Virtual Tour CompanyEvery business has a busy season. For retailers it’s the holiday season, for car companies it’s the new year’s model, and for us it’s right now! This is the season when our rental clients have a narrow band of time for us to photograph rental properties that have been updated or new to the rental pool, and our realtor clients are bringing more properties online for sale. It’s also a time of less than predictable weather so we end up rescheduling filming of weather sensitive properties in some cases multiple times. This week alone we re-scheduled 18 virtual tours of properties because of weather.

Please give us as long a runway as possible when making your appointments. If you know a property will be ready four weeks from now, give us a call now and schedule it in advance. If you are not very concerned about weather for a particular property please let us know that when you schedule your appointment as we can often times move you up on the schedule if a cloud is coming into the picture at another location.

We schedule our appointments very close together during this busy season and you can help us stay on schedule. If possible please have the home ready before we arrive. The home being ready is having the pets removed from the residence, pet dropping removed from the yard, lights turned on and ceiling fans turned off and drapes opened the way you want them to look in the photos. Personal belongings should be out of sight and clutter should be put in closets, garage or storage. If the owner is in residence they may meet the photographer on-site but please tell them that they need to leave after a brief walk through.

Each year we have scheduling challenges during this time period and we get through it within a couple of weeks and then scheduling returns to normal. Please know that we are doing everything we can to schedule your photos and tours as soon as possible. Now if we could just control the weather…..

We appreciate you choosing us as your digital marketing partner.

Alan Fon
Local – (361) 749-0901