Don’t Forget About Business Virtual Tours

Real estate virtual tours are a fast, easy, and high-volume way to build your virtual tour provider business. However, the temporary nature and quick turnover rates of real estate tours mean lower profits per job. When you bring business virtual tours into the mix, you can enjoy a huge revenue boost  along with the steady business of the real estate virtual tours.

Why businesses pay more for virtual tours
While real estate companies are out to attract buyers with virtual tours, businesses are after customers. A well produced interactive virtual tour can mean a substantial rise in business—so most companies are willing to make an investment in this powerful form of advertising. Business virtual tours are permanent presentations that can be used in multiple venues, both online and offline. They may also be more detailed jobs than real estate virtual tours, which means as a provider, you’re able to charge more for these services.

What kind of businesses use virtual tours?
You can market your virtual tour services to a wide variety of businesses across several different industries. Some of the biggest markets for business virtual tours include:

Hotels, motels, and lodges. While this category is similar to real estate, business and vacation rentals are considered businesses because ownership is not transferred when a customer rents a room, suite, or cabin.

Amusement parks and recreational facilities. These types of businesses use virtual tours to let visitors “experience” their attractions and entice them to come in for the real thing

Gyms and fitness clubs. These facilities can really shine with the opportunity to show prospective members their features, equipment, and more.

Of course, there are hundreds of businesses that can take advantage of virtual tours as a powerful marketing tool. Other examples include restaurants, malls and shopping centers, beauty salons, wedding venues, retail stores, campgrounds, parks and nature preserves, auto providers, marinas, colleges and universities, casinos, kennels, convention centers, libraries, and more.

Put more effort into marketing your virtual tour services for businesses this year, and watch your profits soar!

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