4 SEO Lessons of 2012

Attention RTV virtual tour providers! SEO changed completely in 2012 starting with the Penguin update released in the early spring.

As websites were still recovering and finding their way around the new algorithm, Google then released the EMD update.

The rest of the year provoked even more scurry as refreshes were made to the Panda and Penguin updates.

If you look at 2012 as a trial, then look at 2013 as a chance to do SEO the right way. Most of Google’s updates are applied to keep the search results fair and authentic. Here are 4 lessons that 2012 taught us about search engine optimization.

Longtail Keywords Are Good

Once upon a time, single keywords were all the rage but if you still use them, you are in for a shock. Longtail keywords are your friend.

The Penguin release aimed to penalize those who used keywords too much. This is easy to do with single ones but much harder with longtail options, especially when you use many in high quality content.

In fact, this will also help increase your traffic since 50% is from longtail searches.

To learn in 2013: opt for the longtail words that are commonly ignored and have high quality content. This will avoid penalties for over-optimization and increase the traffic to your website.

White Hat Is Your Friend in the virtual tour business!!

Thanks to the updates to Google’s algorithm, black hat search engine optimization techniques are out and white hat techniques are in.

Black hat techniques simply gamed the system by using blog networks, questionable techniques for building links and spinning content. These will hurt your SEO campaign if you use them in 2013.

However, it does not mean that you can post some content that is high in quality and then sit back. You need to be more active.

Instead of buying links to your website, opt for some guest posting. There are also infographic campaigns that will help.

But it takes a lot of time, right? Unfortunately yes, and it can cost more money, but this is worth it when it lasts longer and you are rewarded for your efforts.

To learn in 2013: Black hat techniques will not work. If you want to be on the first page of Google permanently, you need to implement white hat SEO techniques.

New PR May Not be Relevant

Former members of Google’s Search Quality Team released information regarding the PageRank on October 15, 2012.

While so many people obsess with PageRank, this is not as important to the search. It is about the quality of links and where they come from. It may sound strange but there is thought behind this.

Those with back links from PR0 or PR1 sites that are in close proximity to their niche are more likely to increase their positioning in searches than those posting on PR6 sites with no correlation.

To learn in 2013: Stop looking at the PageRank of websites when looking for back links and focus your efforts on whether they are related to your niche.

Develop a Real Internet Marketing Strategy

True internet marketers will dominate the web in 2013. These are people who create content that is buzzworthy and make people want to link naturally all the time and share with their friends.

Search engine optimization is no longer about automated software to help rank 100+ websites. Those who live in a bubble simply will not survive.

There are now many marketers who are looking away from the traditional techniques for search engine optimization and looking at the old school tactics to increase outreach. This natural approach to targeting specific traffic, sharing through social media and opting for high quality links is exactly what Google is looking for.

Too many people found a comfort in the traditional techniques for SEO but it is time to step out of that bubble and build relationships and your brand. Marketing is the best way forward.

To learn in 2013: Practice the real marketing techniques to build social shares and links.

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