Virtual tours in Austin Texas for business and real estate

Photographing and creating a virtual tour: 

Virtual-TourAustin is an Austin, Texas based virtual tour provider, if you are a business or a real estate agent grabbing your prospect attention is critical. It is a fact that 60% of the impact for any presentation given to someone is “visual” or we can call it “virtual”.

The challenge with taking still photos is that they are typically bland and do not provide the pizzazz an Austin based business wants to promote their business. On the flip side, a commercial real estate broker or a residential real estate agent wants so showcase a property they have listed in Austin with their best foot forward.

Challenges: The challenges that present themselves for real estate professionals in Austin Texas are going to showing after showing after showing wasting approximately 80% of their time. The prospect is not necessarily qualified until they view the listing in person and they get personally involved. Involvement can be the qualifier that filters the prospect so that an agent knows when they call; they have virtually been in the home, office or business place online. Virtual Tour Austin provides the type of marketing for real estate be it commercial or residential that gets the prospects involved and qualified first.

Are all 360 virtual tours the same? Not really, some are more robust than others adding unique attributes such as branding, music, narration, video capabilities, hot spots and a whole assortment of features that makes the tour that much more impactful.

For a business located in Austin, it runs into the same issues. Keep in mind that 80% of people search for information on the internet. A person living in Austin will want to check out online that new restaurant, bar, medical facility etc. Why not provide them with a 24 hour 7 day a week private tour of your business online?

Taking pictures: Having a successful photo shoot is not as easy as just setting the camera on a tripod and taking a picture. Most cameras today are pretty intelligent, however lighting comes into play and using manual settings is critical to having a successful virtual tour created.  Recently we completed a virtual tour for a jewelry provider to showcase some of her jewelry, again light played a big part in the virtual tour shoot and it was not as easy as just pointing and shooting the photos.

The critical factor is asking yourself are you going to get a high definition virtual tour that is created professionally that grabs your prospects attention? Hiring a professional who cares about making the best virtual tour is critical, if it isn’t shot right the first time, do they come back and do a re-shoot? Do they charge for the second re-shoot? Any business or real estate professional in Austin wants to engage the customer a high level, virtual tours are proven technology for today. Visit us at to see samples and pricing.

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