The Trouble with YouTube

As more and more people are realizing the need to showcase their businesses with 360 tours, we have started seeing lots of YouTube videos on websites.  YouTube is a great option for showing sneezing pandas and little British boys biting their brother’s fingers but maybe it should not be the first choice for showcasing your business in a professional manner.

Today I was watching a video introduction for a drug and alcohol recovery program.  The video was posted to YouTube so when I was finished watching the video, I was given an array of other choices of videos to watch.  This particular program has 6 videos so those were some of the 12 other suggestions that YouTube offered me…

The other six however included a video for a medication for premature ejaculation, a video titled “Tall Brazilian girl finds love”, and one called “the Ultimate Girls Fail Compilation” which apparently is very popular as it has 72 Million views (well 72 Million and One now because of course I watched it)!!  The video I went to YouTube to watch only had 182 views so clearly Ultimate Girl’s Fail garnered more attention than the drug and alcohol treatment program.

As a national healthcare photography provider, we photograph virtual tours for behavioral health programs and residential treatment centers all over the country and we know that prospective clients and their families want to see the facilities where they will be spending their time and money.  I was in admissions for a behavioral health program and one of the first virtual tours we did was of the campus where I worked so I know from experience the power of a multimedia presentation in explaining the program and showing the campus to families.

But I also know that not all “virtual tours” are created equally.  Our healthcare virtual tours are created using a combination of 360º panoramas, still images and video clips to provide a one click overview of the program.  We photograph everything using high definition wide angle images to capture the images a program needs to tell their story but because we specialize in healthcare virtual tours, we know how to do so without disturbing the therapeutic milieu. 

A YouTube video is a great addition to an interactive virtual tour — in fact we often create a YouTube video of our virtual tours as a supplement — but it’s our opinion that YouTube isn’t necessarily the best choice as a stand alone option.