The FORMULA 69 – Magic Plan Full Throttle

MagicPlan is the first iPhone “Scan & Plan” floor plan solution that uses a camera and augmented reality to create a highly accurate floor plan of an entire property in just minutes. It’s truly a time saver like never before for the property marketer and virtual tour provider looking to create and integrate accurate floor plans on the fly. Using MagicPlan is as simple as taking a picture with your phone or iPad!

The application allows you to create a floor plan on any iPhone, iPad, or iPod by simply turning around the room. Next, press the “Send to RTV” button.  Your floor plan will be waiting for you in your Fusion virtual tour management system. Unlock the plan for a mere $2.25 and within seconds you can fully integrate your interactive floor plan into your virtual tour, complete with hot spots and directional radar. WOW!

With Fusion’s seamless integration of interactive 2D and 3D floor plans, and our strategic partnership with Sensopia, now is the time to start offering this unique service.

Create incredibly accurate floor plans in a fraction of the time it will take your competitors using traditional methods and laser measuring equipment. It only makes sense to take full advantage of all the amazing features that we’ve made available to you. Are you ready to make more money in 2013 by adding this exciting service to your company?

Please join myself and a panel of RTV / MagicPlan users on Tuesday, March 12th at 7:00 Eastern while we discuss how this program works and why now is the time you should consider trying it out. See you on the FORMULA 69 RTV!

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