Stills, Panos, or Full Motion Video?

Stills, Panoramas, or Video…The Fusion Virtual Tour Software Offers SO MUCH!! How do you decide??

Which type of media is best for a virtual tour? When you’re creating a virtual tour in the Fusion virtual tour system, you can use high-definition still photos, high definition panoramas, and HD video footage to bring your property or business to life for your viewers. But which media format should you choose? Each type of image has different strengths and advantages.

Still photos: Capturing the best moment
One main advantage of using photos in your virtual tour is that you can create the perfect image and include it permanently as part of your presentation. Photos come with fewer variables and potential problems, especially compared to panoramas and video footage that includes audio. Still images are also perfect for using in the MLS so if you’re shooting real estate we recommend including at least five to ten really nice shots for your MLS.  Feel free to charge for more.  Many MLS boards now allow for upwards of twenty or more images. Still images in a business are also perfect for zooming in on special features or items of interest.  Be sure to include stills in ANY production!

Panoramic Images: You can use panoramic imagery that allows viewers to
explore your business or property at their leisure, and focus on
whatever details interest them the most.  A quality panoramic image will allow you to capture an entire full 360 scene at an incredibly high level of detail.  With RTV’s Fusion virtual tour software system you’ll be able to capture full 360 by 360 spherical panoramas or traditional cylindrical panoramas.  While the former is more expensive to create, you’ll also be able to charge more. Especially if you’re shooting virtual tours for a business.  There are those out there that will tell you that panoramic photography is a thing of the past but here at RTV we clearly see a HUGE rise in both cylindrical panoramas and full 360 by 360 sphericals are making a HUGE comeback. By using panoramas in your virtual tour, you’ll also be able to balance out the exposure much better using a panorama than you would be able to do using full motion video.  Expect to get at least $100 to $200 per panorama in any business related production. 

Full Motion Video: Breathing life into your tour! Most people enjoy watching videos online. In fact, video footage has a higher engagement level than images—so it’s been proven to get attention. Including video in your virtual tour can transform a static setting into an active presentation that keeps visitors on your website longer. Video is especially positive for businesses. You can use video footage to show your business in action, interview satisfied customers, offer a behind-the-scenes glimpse into your staff, and much more.  Remember that video is GREAT for things that move and make noise.  Most people really don’t want to watch you walk through the house, bouncing around with a camera.  At the end of the day your windows are going to be blown out and the production is linear.  Be sure to use video when appropriate, when business owners and real estate agents want to get in front of the camera and when you would like to show off water features, hot tubs, animal life and of course water activities. Most RTV virtual tour providers sell full motion video services starting at $100 or more.

Which should you choose?
In nearly all cases, the best choice for creating a fantastic virtual tour is to use a combination of high quality still photos and video footage. Real estate properties might use photos for the main portion of the tour, with mini-videos included as pop-outs for hot spots. Businesses can feature videos with customer and staff interaction in equal proportion with imagery.

Whatever mix you decide to use, you can create a vivid and compelling virtual tour with both still photos, panoramas, and video that will capture your visitors’ attention.

Make sure you’re taking full advantage of all three using RTV’s Fusion Technology!

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