Gather Testimonials For Your Virtual Tour Business

As we look at most of our virtual tour providers around the world we’re seeing that testimonials are a very powerful, yet underutilized, marketing tool.  Getting testimonials for your virtual tour business helps you build credibility, alleviate concerns or uneasiness with your brand and convert prospects into clients. Adding client testimonials to your website can be an extremely effective way to establish trust and strengthen your company’s reputation with consumers.

You’ll see if you visit you can see the traditional virtual tour testimonial layout. It consists of one page on the site with reviews arranged in a list style. As we think about doing some Spring cleaning to our sites, perhaps we should also consider another approach with our testimonials.  Let’s step outside of the traditional formats used for client reviews and create a custom-tailored approach for your virtual tour company.

Display Testimonials throughout Your Entire Site

If your virtual tour company worked hard over the last couple of years and has made it a point to ask customers for reviews:  and have collected testimonials, be sure to take the time now to put them out there for everyone to see!

In today’s fast-paced world, it’s no longer the job of the consumer to research brands and products before making a commitment; they expect companies to provide that information for them. This isn’t because consumers are lazy or unable to gather the information on their own; it’s because consumers now have the ability to navigate from website to website, evaluating and comparing brands with the click of a mouse rather than traveling from store to store.

The primary function of a website is to promote your brand or products on the web so that you can expand your reach and increase conversions….but wouldn’t you rather have other people promote your virtual tour brand instead? The best way to sell your brand to potential customers is to let your current and past customers do the selling for you.

An excellent way to accomplish this is to integrate client testimonials and customer reviews into the central theme and layout of your website. Testimonials aren’t something to hide – they are something to be proud of and share with others.  Take a quick look at the home page of  Notice how you see past customer reviews scrolling on the home page?  Now look at our order a virtual tour page:  See how there are instant virtual tour service testimonials right there along the side of the screen?

I would like all of you to to work on spreading your testimonials out across your website before the summer busy season comes along. Remember to make time in your schedule to include some website maintenance like this and you’ll be sure to have a leg up over the competition this year!

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