4 Ways to Increase Your Onsite SEO

70/30 – Based on a poll of search industry experts, “70/30” comprises all of the factors that influence rankings – 70% of these factors are comprised of activity not on your website, such as content marketing and 30% are factors that help improve your web presence on your website – Onsite SEO.

4 Ways to Increase Your Onsite SEO

1) Identify Existing Demand
•    Research what people are searching for in relation to your products and services.
•    Research competitor keywords
•    Use keyword tools — use Google Keyword Tool or have KM3 Media help
•    Check difficulty of keyword — don’t choose a highly competitive keyword.
•    Do a reality check – Ask yourself if you have something to offer people searching on that keyword. If not, you might get traffic to your website but you won’t get the sale.
•    Keep up – SEO is a dynamic process and change is inevitable. Do constant keyword and market research and adapt your onsite plan.(see Step #4)
2) Create Purposeful Onsite Content

After identifying where the demand is, write relevant website and blog content. Whether you choose to be humorous, informative, controversial, or use video and text, remember your audience and keyword research. 

3) Tune Your Content

Harmonize your content with style that will engage your audience and technical language search engines understand.
•    Increase your keyword density. Keep it natural, and make sure you include your important keywords.
•    Name your title tag, meta tags, domain name, and Alt text of image.
•    Link to internal pages where appropriate.
•    Set up Google Authorship.
•    Implement Schema.org .
•    Entice readers with a beautiful website. Try to present information in different ways (images, bulleted lists, widgets)
4) Track & Promote

Track whether your onsite SEO is producing expected results. Simultaneously, promote your content to help people find it!
•    Track rankings.
•    Track analytics in your dashboard.
•    Invite interaction on your blog and social media. Get your friends and colleagues to comment.
•    Link back to your content. Guest blogs are a good way to get high authority websites to link back to your onsite content.
•    Engage in other peoples’ online conversations and communities.

A strong onsite SEO program is crucial to overall SEO results and will complement your off-site strategy. Onsite SEO requires a steadfast tenacity, but it works!

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