RTV Launches Multi-Language Virtual Tours

RTV is pleased to announce the offering of Multi-Language support for the Fusion virtual tour system. With customers in nearly 50 countries, we’re dedicated to our continued growth outside of the USA and Canada. Our international customers can now set up a default language for their virtual tour productions. In addition, property investors living outside of the USA, shopping for real estate in the USA and Canada can now view property descriptions, MLS information, scene captions, and virtual tour instructions in their own language with a single click.  The RTV Fusion system is the very first virtual tour system to support several languages VS one or two.

Our Multi-Language Engine allows the virtual tour creator to either setup the default language on a per-customer or per-tour basis. The virtual tour will start off using the selected language, but the user can change it at any time simply by clicking the flag in the lower right hand corner. Preview a sample virtual tour here:  http://tours.conklinmarketing360.com/39671  To change the language, simply click on the flag in the lower right corner of the presentation.  Adding a new language is quite simple now that the bulk of the programming in place. If you need a language added to our Fusion virtual tour system just let us know!

With the explosive growth of our system outside of the USA and Canada, as well as so many outside property investors purchasing property in the USA right now, our Multi-Language Support Engine was essential. We’re excited about future opportunities with our company, including the expansion of our product line to more countries.

Thanks for your continued support!


Team RTV

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