Professional Photographer VS Realtor

Andre Carriere, owner and operator of this locally owned business
specializes in Professional Real Estate and Property Photography.
Andre Carriere is a professional photographer based in Bracebridge,
Muskoka and shoots HD virtual tours of Listings or Projects. In the video below

RealEstateTalkShow host Erin McCoy has a photo taking contest with Andre Carriere an RTV virtual tour provider to see how important it is to have a professional photographer take real estate photos to help sell the home.  Check out this video now!!

Virtual Tour Visions is part of the worlds largest network for Virtual Tour Providers. Our propriety software is number one in the world. We are backed by the best in the business and always on top of the newest technology to hit the market.

Andre is currently shooting with professional Nikon equipment and industry leading software to produce the best quality interactive virtual tours, photography and HD Video. Andre has the trained eyes for capturing your products in their best light, angles with the proper composition and also using the latest in photography to get stunning results. VTV images have been featured in many home publications.

Andre Carriere
Virtual Tour Visions
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