Lights, Camera, Action – It’s Fusion Video

We thought that we would focus today on the powerful built in full motion video capabilities of the Fusion virtual tour software engine and the benefits of including video in your 360 virtual tour.

Creating virtual tours with high definition images and interactive, 360 panoramic photography is an eye-catching way to draw in visitors and boost your business. To add another dimension to your Fusion presentations, you can also choose to enhance your virtual tour with full motion video footage.  Let’s take a look at a gorgeous production that Stan Davis recently put together that made its way to the RTV virtual tour gallery:  When you look at this Fusion presentation also take notice of the gorgeous custom loader and slick interface background that he has added.
There are many benefits of including video in your virtual tour. Videos are highly engaging, and help keep visitors on your website longer. They’ll often look for more videos once they’ve seen the first one. With video content, you can convey more information effectively through the audio narration—people will be more likely to watch a video presentation than to read long blocks of text.  Let’s take a look at the Fusion Deep Stat report for this virtual tour:   Some VERY impressive traffic going on here but what’s even more impressive is the fact that the average person is looking at this production for over 19 Minutes.  YES!! 19 MINUTES.  You’re not reading this wrong.  The use of Fusion along with full motion video is keeping the eyeballs on the production longer than we’ve ever heard of here at RTV.  It’s simply amazing.

Next we would like to point out that the use of full motion video boosts your credibility, helping to portray you as an authority in your industry or market sector. Best of all your videos within the Fusion presentation will go where the Fusion presentation goes and Fusion is very easy to instantly share through social media.  Your visitors can easily spread the word about your virtual tour.

Where should you add video?
You can embed video content at any point in your virtual tour to enhance several portions of your virtual media presentation. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Intro/home page: At the start of your tour, you can post an introductory video to welcome visitors and offer background information about you or your company.
  • You might want to order up one of Fusion’s powerful AstroZoom to boldly show your property or business from a unique perspective:
  • Hot spots: On your virtual floor plan, you can embed video content into hot spots that expand on features of your property or business.
  • Customer areas: If your virtual tour is for a business, you can include video that shows your company in action on the appropriate page. For example, a restaurant might include footage of a dining room, and a museum could post a video of a special event or interactive display.
  • Testimonials: You can include video testimonials from your satisfied customers at various points throughout your virtual tour.
  • Closing: At the end of your 360 virtual tour, include a thank-you video with your contact information and call to action, so your visitors can act while your information is still fresh.

Video content can be a powerful addition to your virtual tour. It’s a good idea to make use of this feature whenever possible, so you can offer visitors more value for their time—and convert more of them into customers or buyers.  Start offering video in your Fusion virtual tours today and watch your business soar!


Team RTV
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