You’re not alone with RTV

My husband has always been adventurous  – he has skydived, flown in a World War 2 acrobatic biplane, raced go carts, participated in triathlons and perhaps most impressive of all – he has been an entrepreneur for his entire career.  He has worked from the time he was 12 years old and has the best work ethic of anyone I’ve ever met.  Me…not so much!

I spent my career as a w-2 employee and I like the idea of a paycheck coming every two weeks or so and commission checks coming if I did a great job.  I like the idea of going to an office with a bunch of like minded people.  Even though working in an office often means working three hours and socializing for five, I like the framework of having set office hours.  I like office Christmas parties and birthday cakes in the conference room.  I especially love the competition with other sales people.

Working from home and traveling all over the country for our virtual tour company could be very isolating for me if we weren’t a part of the RTV national network.  We are connected to the group of virtual tour providers through the Facebook group, the annual national convention and just the contacts we’ve made by collaborating with other virtual tour photographers in the network.

We specialize in vacation rental photography so yesterday I helped an RTV provider in Hawaii on a proposal for a surgical center in her area.  We regularly seek advice from providers in California, Texas, Michigan, Canada, and Georgia.

The greatest benefit of being a part of the RTV network is that we are Independent but not alone!  We have the ability to choose our own virtual tour business model and operate our virtual tour business how we want to without quotas on how little we have to produce nor a limit on how much we are able to produce.  We are provided with a suite of virtual tour software and marketing materials and we are free to pick and choose what we want to use from it.  We have the choice to be a integral part of the community or we have the option for complete anonymity.

In fact we are so connected with other providers that it’s just like in any office environment — the challenge is to focus on our own business and not on socializing at the Facebook water cooler!