Virtual Tours – The Basics

Virtual Tours: What they are and what they do…

Virtual tours are a powerful online marketing technique that can bring your business to life on your website. While this may sound like a new strategy, virtual tours have actually been a viable marketing tool for more than a decade. Interactive virtual media tours have already helped thousands of businesses and property managers enhance their online presence, draw more website traffic, and convert more visitors into customers.

If this is your first time hearing about 360 virtual tours—or if you’ve heard of them, but aren’t sure what they’re all about—here’s a basic overview of this unique and effective online marketing strategy.

How do virtual tours work?

A “true” virtual tour uses high-quality photographs and video to create an online experience showcasing your business or property. Instead of flat, static images, an interactive virtual tour lets visitors explore your property or business and get a feel for what you have to offer. Enhanced navigational controls let viewers “walk” around, as if they’re taking a physical tour.

Virtual tours can include additional features such as captions, image text overlays, linked hot spots, full motion video, scene by scene narrations, integrated floor plans and more.

Why do they work?
It’s said that a picture is worth a thousand words. That’s the idea behind virtual tours—at a glance, you can show your visitors what it would otherwise take pages and pages of text to accomplish. This effect can be even more powerful when you incorporate video.

Virtual tours showcase your property or business in the best light, and let viewers see what they’ll experience on your grounds. This strategy serves as powerful motivation to entice visitors and turn them into paying customers.

Who uses virtual tours?
Nearly any kind of business can benefit from adding virtual tours to their website. They are very popular with Realtors, property managers, hotel and resort owners, rental property owners, and others in the real estate business, as they give customers a chance to take a virtual walk around the property.
Virtual tours are also an ideal solution for other types of businesses: Spas, health and fitness clubs, campgrounds, convention centers, amusement parks, retail stores, boarding kennels, hospitals, colleges and universities, auto providers, museums, restaurants, churches, stadiums, shopping centers, and many more.

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