Virtual Tour Features Galore!

Adding virtual tours to your website or retail display is a great way to attract attention and convert more visitors into customers. Virtual tours combine high-quality imagery and video in a stunning presentation that showcases the best your property or business has to offer, and gives visitors the opportunity to “walk” through the property, turning your static website into a realistic user experience.

But did you know that you can enhance your virtual tour with features that make the presentation even more interactive? RTV’s powerful Fusion virtual tour software makes anything possible! You’ll never have to tell a customer that you can’t do that.  There are no limitations and your sales pipeline can be endless. Here are just a few ways to add value to your virtual tour, enticing your visitors to learn more.

Image captions and superimposed text:
The ability to view quality images is a great feature of our virtual tours, but these images can be enhanced with a few well-placed, descriptive words. Image captions let visitors know exactly what they’re looking at, helping them gain a clear mental picture of your business or property.  You might even use our unique “Info Spots” throughout your virtual tours to key visitors in on areas of interest.

Superimposed text is another excellent way to convey additional information. Text overlays can be used in your virtual tour to label images, point out particular areas of interest, or even display your logo and contact information.

Voiceover narrations:
Virtual tours that combine visual and audio information can be fun and engaging for your visitors. You can add high-quality audio to your virtual tour, such as mood-setting music, scene-by-scene narration, or essential whole-tour information to enhance the tour experience. RTV’s Fusion system allows you to choose up to five unique voices that can automatically narrate your virtual tours for you.  Just write the text and away you go. Want to add a personal touch?  Use the Fusion Cloud Recorder to do your own narrations or meet your client at their office and let them do the narration.  All you need is a mic and our built in Cloud Recorder does the rest.

Interactive floor plans and hot spots:
Enrich your visitors’ virtual tour experience with an interactive floor plan. This feature allows viewers to navigate through your property or business using the traditional tour navigation controls, or by clicking on a floor plan overlay that shows a whole-property view.  The Fusion virtual tour software system allows you to import a floor plan or build your own right from within the system at no extra cost.  Floor plans can be enlarged and moved over the image as you navigate giving you full control of your experience.  Finally, you’ll love our “Radar” that shows you exactly where you’re looking as you navigate through each scene.

Interactive & Animated Hot Spots:
You can also add hotspots to your virtual tour to provide viewers with a preview of exciting features, or to link to other areas of the tour or to additional information, such as your main website or contact information.  Users can literally book a room directly from your virtual tour!

Too many features to list:
For a full list of RTV’s features please visit our marketing tools page located here: if you can’t find a feature that you’re looking for please let us know. It’s more than likely we can do it.  Fusion is amazing!

Are you looking to create a dynamic, interactive virtual tour that increases website traffic and converts more visitors into customers? Contact RTV for more information on our powerful, feature-packed virtual tour software, including these enhancements and many more!

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