RTV’s Fusion Adds More Amazing Features

We at RTV are just so excited to have launched so many great features over the last six months.  Fusion has come a long way since its launch last July and is now supporting over 800 of our virtual tour providers.  If you’ve been watching our virtual tour announcements lately you’ve seen that we’ve launched some amazing new features like RTV Radio which lets you choose several music tracks for your productions, MySize that allows you to upload images at any compression level and at ANY resolution.  We’re live with all but one of our syndication partners making RTV’s Exposure Engine any syndication more powerful than that of any other virtual tour company in the world.

 Many of you love that you can upload ANY video format and Fusion handles it perfectly without error.  Our new single property website engine is up and running and I highly encourage all of you to take a look.  It’s awesome!  Even better is our all new AstroZoom feature that slowly zooms in on your listing from space, giving your customer a bird’s eye view like never before.

Fusion is packed with so many great features and friends, RTV is just getting started. We’ll be taking the next couple of months to get ready for our up and coming virtual tour convention, then we’ll be getting started on Phase 3 of Fusion which will continue taking the RTV virtual tour software further and further away from our competition.

If you’re not signed up for this year’s convention in Las Vegas please you need to do so.

We would love to see you out there for four days of hands on training and fun.  We’ll also be announcing some new strategic partners at this year’s show. 

Finally if you’re not yet setup on the new Fusion virtual tour system please call our setup team today and we’ll transfer you on over for free.  There’s nothing stopping you from using the worlds best virtual tour presentation.  Thanks for your continued support!

Call today – 866-947-8687
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