For Agents: The Strange Thing I’ve Noticed About Real Estate Branding

While creating Aurora Virtual Tours in Ontario, I’ve been working very closely with Real Estate Professionals and have the opportunity to see different marketing techniques at work.
In Real Estate, it is common knowledge that creating a brand for yourself will help you distinguish yourself from the bzillions of other Real Estate professionals out there. You need to stand out, be memorable and be uniquely YOU!

Branding one’s business is a commitment and an investment (in time and money)…and also, a whole other blog topic. So, we’ll skip that part for now (sorry, I have a guest blogger currently working on a piece about that).

Once you’ve developed your brand, here are the two most important factors:

Getting Your Brand Out There – Exposing potential clients to your branding on a frequent basis  will help them remember your name when the time comes for them to choose their Agent. Utilizing different media platforms for your marketing will help you reach more people, more often.

Keeping Current & Consistent – While the homes you advertise will change, every piece of marketing material with your name on it must ‘match’. Same colour, same format, same fonts, same picture of your pretty face and so on. Not only does this consistency make you look like a polished professional, it helps potential clients recognize you – over and over again.

Strange thing I’ve noticed while watching the local Aurora, Ontario agents….

Almost ALL the agents that have made the commitment to branding their business have overlooked an absolutely HUGE opportunity to get their branding out there and show consistency.
That’s right, if you know me – you’ve guessed it….the Virtual Tour. Actually, I meant OUR Virtual Tour, as we have the only customizable Virtual Tour available on the market in Aurora, Ontario.

Every PanaPix Virtual Tour comes with branded and non-branded virtual tour links. The non-branded tour is MLS compliant and meant ONLY to be used on the MLS. It beautifully showcases the property anonymously, no agent details are allowed to be present anywhere on the 360 tour.

Our Branded Virtual Tour is a very powerful marketing tool that can be totally customized with your logo, tagline  and even your choice of background  colors. Your picture and information shows in many places within the virtual tour – on the loading screen, on the top right hand corner of the tour while the tour plays, in the Agent Information section on the Tools page, just to name a few….and we can even create a custom screens (like your website banner) that can show anywhere within the tour.

Matching your Virtual Tours to your current branding adds an additional level of consistency to your marketing – helping you build that repeated recognition in buyers and sellers alike.

Call us today at 905-713-9690 to discuss how our comprehensive Aurora, Ontario virtual tour system can help maximize your marketing efforts, giving you an extreme competitive advantage. Stand out from your competition…we do!

Here at PanaPix, we aim to be the very best in our field – never, ever wavering on our commitment to providing superior service, quality and dependability while we create your virtual tour!

Carolyn Noel, Owner
PanaPix Virtual Tours
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