Comparison of Different Advertisement Media

Below is a list of advantages and disadvantages of different types of advertising media that compete with virtual tours for businesses.  While each of the different types of media has their strengths and weaknesses, Exposure Elements virtual tours have the uncanny ability to deliver an extraordinary advantages with only one potential downside. 

It is important to note that the one disadvantage that virtual tours are burdened with is actually a key advantage that is often overlooked.  While other advertisement media are frequently viewed as silos that operate independently, Exposure Elements virtual tours offer the distinct ADVANTAGE of being able to mix well with other types of advertising and in fact, thrive when integrated into other types of advertisement. 

Virtual Tour – Interactive Internet Media
Virtual tours use Social Networking or your company’s website and other distribution channels such as e-mail list, print media and internet search engines to distribute your virtual tour

o    Viral distribution through Social Networks
o    Integrates and extends the value of other advertising media
o    Coverage all day / 7 days a week
o    Long shelf life
o    Extensive message customization
o    Extensive measurement capabilities
o    Sight, sound and motion and elements of interactive engagement
o    Strong branding capabilities
o    Lowest cost per impression 
o    Easily accessible for repeat impressions
o    Mobility – works well for on the go mobile device users

o    Works best when integrated with other programs

One of the oldest forms of mass media, newspapers can reach a loyal audience, nationally or locally.

o    Immediate reach
o    Allows for in-depth product explanation
o    Variety of creative commercial sizes and coloration
o    Ads can be targeted to certain demographic groups through placement in specific sections
o    Tangible
o    Good for co-op advertising for local/national promotion
o    Easily available for repeated impressions.

o    Declining circulations
o    High out-of-pocket pricing 
o    Readers rarely look at all sections
o    Difficult to reach younger audiences
o    Visual only, non-intrusive
o    Questionable measurement
o    Clutter
o    Poor shelf life

Radio is a “portable” medium that reaches its peak audience during the morning and evening rush hours.

o    Targeted
o    Copy change flexibility
o    Low out-of-pocket pricing
o    Mobility (i.e. in the car listening)
o    Low production costs
o    Promotions, tie-ins

o    Lack of visual
o    Poor measurement
o    Difficult to build audience reach
o    High commercial clutter
o    Audience is not actively engaged
o    Time spent listening declines each year
o    Poor shelf life
o    Repeated impressions to be successful

Local Broadcast Television
Local broadcast television provides mass-market coverage and the opportunity for advertisers to run commercials during the local news and popular network and syndicated programs.

o    Broad reach
o    Buzz-worthy programs
o    Full DMA coverage
o    Intrusive/immediate impact
o    Sight, sound and motion
o    Strong branding capabilities

o    Declining ratings
o    High out-of-pocket cost
o    Weak summer ratings/programming
o    High production costs
o    No ability to target specific areas within a DMA (i.e. wasted reach)
o    Poor shelf life
o    Repeated impressions to be successful
o    Poor mobility – no “on the go” access

Exposure Elements virtual tours are the best form of advertisement media for your company and can easily integrate into your existing marketing plan.  Call Exposure Elements at 408-440-2278 or email us to schedule your business virtual tour.

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