Benefits of Video and Virtual Media on Websites

you know that over 87% of prospective clients research products and
services online before making purchasing decisions? With a number this
high searching the internet, driving traffic to your website to review
your products or services is a top priority for most businesses. And
once you get a visitor to your site? You have to be able to hold a
potential client’s attention!
videos and other virtual tour media content to your website can be a great
benefit to your website views and sales. The viewing of website videos
gets more and more popular every week, actually making up more than half
of the traffic on the Internet. YouTube actually has over 800 million
people using their website with many companies actually setting up their
own company channels to draw viewers to their products!
Interactive Virtual Media offers the opportunity to more clearly illustrate the services
and products being offered, even before a client needs to engage a sales
person. This draws in potential buyers and generates leads for a sales
person without using a strong arm sales tactic that may alienate your
visitor. In addition, video is extremely cost effective. You can
continue to use the same videos for a longer period of time without changes, making this portion of your marketing plan less expensive.
only does video attract more views to your website but prospects are
going to remember your video! Website viewers are more likely to
remember your visuals than the words you use in the description – six
times more so in fact!
Using video and virtual media on your website is also beneficial for the following reasons:
  • Video viewing may actually keep a visitor on your website for an additional two minutes
  • Many people would rather view a video than read a description
  • Websites with video are over 50 times more likely to be featured on the front page of search engines
  • Video can be forwarded easily through email
  • Video can be shown on sales calls and used as a training tool with staff
and virtual tours are eye-catching and interesting to the prospect that
is looking for your products and services. Viewers quickly connect with
the services and products being offered, making a personal connection
with the sales person easier, generating more leads and sales. Used in
fields like real estate, potential buyers can fall in love with a
property before ever seeing the actual location, making the realtor’s
job that much easier. It can also be a time saver as buyers can look
through potential properties and eliminate the ones that they do not
want to see, saving time and energy for both the client and sales
Central Coast, California virtual tour companyIn
the service industry, potential clients can truly get a feel for the
golf course, hotel, restaurant or even health care facility before they
ever set foot in the business. Using virtual tours and video as a way to
sell a business and its benefits online can share the company’s spirit
and environment, setting the tone for a client’s visit and drawing new
clients. No matter what your business, video makes a statement and
easily illustrates what a business is selling and why a potential buyer
should buy it. We would love to talk to you about how it could work for
your business!
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