The Pain of Change is Worth Thousands!

It has been noted that a significant number of RTV virtual tour providers have not changed over to the new Fusion virtual tour system.

There are numerous reasons that I’m sure would be brought forth by those providers, and I suppose many of those would be valid.
For us that have changed to Fusion, I’m sure there is NO turning back!!!

So, why would someone want to keep using the old virtual tour system when Fusion is clearly so much better?
1)    Change can come hard for some, and I’ve seen it, both in the bureaucratic world and private.
2)    There is the fear of change
3)    There is the fear of thinking outside the box
4)    There is the idea of “If it ain’t broken, why fix it”, i.e. a testimonial to TB4 that it was so good, they don’t want to change.
5)    Fusion at first can be overwhelming, especially in the setup of agents, providers, required emails (and second emails) having to resize logos, (although I believe that has been alleviated somewhat since my long logos no longer crowd out the agent’s picture) and the fact that there is a dearth of add-ons and new wow-factors available in Fusion that no other virtual tour software has.

When I first opened up my San Antonio virtual tour company with RTV about 4 years ago, I was working full time in the Health Care industry. As my virtual tour business grew, I realized I could not service my customers if I was working for someone else during prime time day, so I quit that job and went full time and haven’t looked back with any misgivings. However, there were other tour builders that I thought were ahead of RTV, namely in the spherical production, the lack of ability to download tour onto CD’s without losing the bells and whistles and other areas.

Fusion arrives and without a doubt, RTV is the world leader in Virtual Tour productions. If you combine what all the others have, RTV is still above them in offerings. There is simply no other virtual tour company that can compete head to head.

For those of you that have not transitioned to the Fusion virtual tour system, you owe it to yourselves to take the time. In the end, the time taken will have GREAT paybacks in time saved in preparing tours, but even more, in how much you’ll be able to make and actually spend less time, while providing increased value to your customers.

Take the YouTube builder that does ALL the work for you and is a great system. You don’t have to spend time building  png files or ppt and then putting it all together and then going to your account to upload, etc. etc. It’s ALL done for you. Geez, and you get to pick up the money for it and Craigslist also. What do you want for free, especially getting paid for it!!!!  And more, and more, seemingly infinitum, as there’s not enough time to keep up with all RTV updates and upgrades.

RTV certainly does ROCK and will never be the same!!!!

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Jim Hoback
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