The FORMULA 67 – Google Trusted Photographer

The FORMULA Virtual Tour TalkshowHave you been hearing all the hype about becoming a Google Trusted
Photographer? Would you like to take your virtual tour business to the
next level and snag more business virtual tours and photography shoots?

Team RTV has been following the Google Trusted Photographer program
very closely for the last six months and we’re ready to show you how you
can establish your virtual tour company now as a Google Trusted Photographer before others in your market snag that position.

Please join us on Tuesday January 8th as I interview several RTV
virtual tour providers who have already taken the steps to become a
“Google Trusted Photographer”.

On the show we’ll show you where you need to go to sign up, what
hardware and software you will need to complete the tasks, and how to use this new
source of leads to further your virtual tour business.

See you on the show!  Register now in your TMS:

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