RTV Launches Reseller Dashboard

Become a Reseller Superstar in 2013 with RTV. Our powerful Fusion virtual tour engine not only delivers HD photos, panoramas, full-motion video, and voice overs, but now it also PAYS you to use it!

How Fusion Can Earn You Money

With our new Reseller Dashboard, you can simply log into your online virtual tour manager, click the Reseller tab, and grab your unique referral link. Next, send the link to prospective users of the RTV system. Whenever someone clicks on it, they’ll be instantly linked to your account, and you’ll earn a generous 20% commission on both FSD and IHD accounts that you refer to us.

Interested in Reselling National Accounts for RTV? 

Now you can leverage the power of “The BIG Network”, and RTV will pay you a commission for any national photography accounts that you bring on board. To learn more, watch for our upcoming webinar on reselling. We’ll also discuss the details at the 2013 Virtual Tour Provider convention in Las Vegas. See you there!

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