Peggy’s Problem

My friend Peggy contacted me in early November 2012.  Peggy is one of Wausau Wisconsin’s finest residential painting and wallpapering contractors. She’s been “Making Homes Beautiful” for 20 years! She paints commercial and business properties as well.  Peggy was telling me how she has increased her services to include design consultation and full home makeovers!  As we were talking she mentioned that she was trying to market her services on the web, but did not have a website. We were brainstorming as to the easiest and fastest way to achieve a web presence and came up with a great idea.

I explained that Larimar Images (Wausau Virtual Tours) could create an affordable and fast solution using the latest and greatest web media.  Within days we had a virtual tour up showing her amazing work!  She was just starting a full home makeover and I thought it would be great to show “before and after pictures”. That meant I would have to stop everything and get to the home the next day so I would be sure to get “before” images which I was more than happy and excited to do! The homeowner was kind enough to go along with our plan and gave me permission to take the before pictures.

We added video that introduces Peggy as well as gives a little detail on what she intended to do.  Once the project was complete I returned to get the amazing “after images” showing her work.  Within a very short time and with 1 click Peggy was able to share her work with her entire social network creating a buzz about her work!  Here’s the interactive virtual media presentation:

As she completes more projects and uses different techniques we will add them. Now when Peg is talking with new clients or trying to explain what she does, all she has to say is “We make homes Beautiful” and “Go to”   or for short. You can reach Peggy’s Painting Service and Design at 715-675-9913.

Larimar Images starts with the foundation of Dynamic Magazine Quality Images, then creates an interactive state of the art virtual tours to feature your property, product or business.  We are located in Wausau, WI, and will travel throughout Wisconsin and beyond.  If you have a marketing problem, we will work to design a solution.  We strive for 100% satisfaction!  Below are a few of the amazing “after” images, and be sure to view the full tour and meet Peggy!

Lori Woldt
Wausau Virtual Tours
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