Fusion Virtual Tour System is a Huge Time Saver!

Hey RTV, I’ve gotta tell you that I am completely amazed at how easy your new RealTour Fusion site is to work. I can publish an interactive virtual tour in under 20 minutes now after I get home from taking the photos. The fact that I have tons of amazing new (and powerful) features just a mouse click away and now there are not so many hoops to jump through to get a virtual tour competed just saves us so much time on the production end.

We love you RTV, you’re a great. My clients also really love the fact that their virtual tours are reporting back to them with better hit reports than ever before and also our when turned on ( I charge for it) the system sends them a steady stream of leads as people view the virtual tour and email them to each other. This really makes me look great! I especially like the fact that Fusion now lets me put a custom URL and PDF file on the tools section.  I had been waiting for that feature for awhile now. Thank you again and again! With the old system I could mess up a virtual tour in a heart beat!!!  I’ve yet to mess things up on the new system yet.  Everything is just faster and smoother overall.

Thanks to RTV I’m having the time of my life. I enjoy making a living in the digital world, who would of ever thought working a virtual tour business could be so much fun??

Dave Kondracki

Dave Kondracki, LLC
Order a virtual tour: 410-926-0439