Fusion is Simply Amazing!

Dear RTV,

It looks like you continue to blow away the virtual tour software competition with RTV’s new Fusion virtual tour system! No surprise, great job. I am in Montana, and RTV virtual tours helped our family get through some sketchy times. Thank you for your work to make it powerful and marketable for us to be successful.

Before moving to Montana I had to sell my house…my initial real estate
agent took three months and never sold it. The next agent I hired sold
it in 1 week…and you know why? He hired someone to come to my house a do
a virtual tour, and a couple of days later I had a contract.

spoke with RTV sales staff 1 month before moving because I
wasn’t sure what I was going to do when I got here.
Technology was not BOOMING so I got into real estate because
my wife’s father is a Builder here. I researched all virtual tour
companies and every month RTV came on top.

As I look at this new system today it’s pretty obvious that RTV is on top and there to stay! I look forward to really pushing Fusion with RTV and keeping this virtual tour business going. Thank you RTV for all of your support and assistance.

Jordan Lister
Order a virtual tour: 406-212-8846