The Right Decision

The decision to become a Real Estate Photographer and virtual tour provider didn’t take too long.  The process of finding the right virtual tour software took a little longer.  After researching on and off for approximately a year my search for the right virtual tour software company kept on leading me back to RTV. 

I did my research and comparisons online, literally checked out everyone else out there and decided that RTV would be the right fit.  They offered the equipment, amazing virtual tour software, ongoing support and had the very best looking virtual tours on the web.  I called them because I wanted to make sure that the virtual tour company was legitimate and had good customer service.

I spoke to a sales representative who was very professional and extremely enthusiastic about RTV;   I immediately felt comfortable talking with RTV. He answered all of my questions and was very respectful when I told him that I had to think about it.  I did say that he could call me back in a few months.  He called me back when he said he would and what he didn’t know was that he had already sold me on the virtual tour company during our first conversation.

Whenever you make a decision you want to make sure that it’s the right decision, just as I have in finding a great virtual tour company like RTV to power my virtual tours. 

When it comes to Virtual Tour providers you want to make sure that you are being backed by a company that is professional, reliable and customer service oriented.  You should choose a provider that also uses professional equipment, powerful software and will provide you with a visually pleasing virtual tour that has high quality images and customizable to suit you and your clients needs. 

Look no further you will find this with Virtually Tours, a Caledon virtual tour company providing 360° virtual tours and professional photography for real estate and commercial businesses.


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