My RTV Virtual Tour Convention Experience

A few moments after I signed with RTV virtual tour software to power my Caledon virtual tour company, I made a spontaneous decision to attend their 2nd annual RTV Conference that’s coming up in 2013 in Las Vegas.

Did I mention previously that one of the reasons why I signed on with RTV was the incredible support that they offer.  Aside from the fantastic virtual tour software and equipment, I was quite pleased with the fact that they had RTV providers world wide and an annual conference.

I booked my room at the Park Place Hotel in Traverse City a couple of days before the conference. With husband and kids in tow we were off on a road trip to Traverse City Michigan for the 2012 RTV Conference/ family road trip. Our trip wasn’t really off to a good start though; the weather conditions were less then perfect as we were headed right into a storm and our children started to ask the dreaded road trip questions, “Are we there yet?” and “How much longer will it take to get there?” only fifteen minutes after we had left.  It was going to be a super long drive! Finally we arrived and we survived the 10 + hours of driving.  We were very happy to get out of the confines of a minivan.

I was really excited but also a little nervous to attend the virtual tour conference.  I didn’t know what to expect.  I didn’t know anyone at the conference with the exception of Jason whom I spoke with via telephone and Ben whom I had contact with via email.

My mind was immediately put at ease when I was greeted by a very friendly woman by the name of Jacque, RTV’s National Accounts Manager. I eventually met Ben and the rest of the RTV team from Traverse City and numerous RTV providers and virtual tour providers from across the United States and a few Canadians.  There were many full service RTV providers whom had been with RTV for some time.  They offered tips and advice that would help me get established. The seminar topics were wonderful and the speakers were very knowledgeable.  The food provided was good and the company was great!

I am really glad that I decided to attend the RTV virtual tour conference because it was well organized, very informative and it was a lot of fun.  Not only was I made to feel very welcome, I got the feeling of being a part of something big as they launched their new Fusion virtual tour system.

I went home feeling extremely pumped and so motivated that the fact that I had a long drive ahead of me  with children, didn’t even phase me.

I’m looking forward to attending the 2013 RTV Conference in Las Vegas.

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