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Who said that all 360 tours are of businesses or properties?  Recently our virtual tour software partner RTV,  sent us a lead for a from a guy who lives in the Santa Cruz Hills of Northern California.  He had a most unique virtual tour proposition.  He asked us to do a virtual tour of a spiritual vortex that he had designed using  very unique crystals called Andara Crystals.  These crystals are nearly as hard as diamonds and are beautiful, radiant colors.  Summarizing this part of the story, we made a unique virtual tour that resonates incredibly well with the Andara Crystal spiritual community.  We provided a link at the end of this blog for your review.

The Andara Crystals are only half the story though.  What really made this tour a fantastic experience was getting to know the designer of the Andara Spiral Vortex.  I know him as Magic Mickey. an incredible magician by trade.  Magic Mickey proved to be an incredible person with an incredible history also.  Magic Mickey started his Andara Crystal story after escaping from Mexican prison 20 years ago to Northern California where he met Lady Nellie, a Choctaw Indian medicine woman that introduced him to the crystals that were in and around a mine located on the Choctaw Indian reservation. 

Magic Mickey’s story goes that he sold $15000 worth of these crystals within 3 days and turned the whole amount over to Lady Nellie and their relationship was started.  This is the kind of person Magic Mickey is!  Today Magic Mickey has the largest (and maybe only) collection of Andara Crystals on this earth which he markets in partnership with the Choctaw Indians.  He markets largely to those that believe in the spirituality of Mother Earth and has some well grounded metaphysical explanations for the benefits of Andara Crystals.  

He has established several partners including a Hawaiian spiritualist, a jewelry maker and a variety of marketing partners.  Magic Mickey has had geologist in awe of these crystals and the US government has even taken some of them from the Choctaw Indians to study their unique properties.  As far as he knows, these crystals are only found in two places on this earth, on the Choctaw Indian reservation and in South African diamond mines. 

Take some time to view this fantastic tour of the Andara Spiral Vortex.
You can view his history on the Andara Crystal website at http://www.andaramagic.com

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