Where Were You Five Years Ago?

I own a hospitality management company and I have been experimenting with several virtual tour technologies over the past five years until I found RTV virtual tour company. I had already invested around $4000.00 playing with photo vista, voyager one shots, image maker, visual tours, pano weaver, and the list goes on and on.  All in all they were all low virtual tour software solutions that too me forever to learn and initially they all claimed that they were simple and easy to use. 

About a month ago I was almost ready to give up when I finally discovered RTV’s popular Fusion virtual tour system.  The sales staff was very helpful and throughout the training process their skype support and technical support team were always there for me. Within about one week from nearly giving up everything I felt that I finally had not only a virtual tour system that really did what they claimed it would do, but also was stuffed with more bells and whistles to keep my clients and I more that satisfied.  The stuff is literally amazing!! Push one button for this. Push one button for that. RTV’s Fusion’s motto should just be, “Fusion, – One Button”.

Since I started I’m constantly seeing the team update their virtual tour software making the virtual tour building process faster and easier. I can now send out my photographer on a job and he will photograph, build, and upload a complete virtual tour with many panoramas, still images and even full motion video in under an hour.  I had no idea creating virtual tours could be this simple!

I would recommend this to anyone that wants a good virtual tour software product right from the start and not mess around like I did for five years trying to save a buck or two.  The RTV virtual tour system is not cheap, but everything is of the highest quality and they guarantee it for life too.  They don’t leave a piece of virtual tour building hardware out of their package like many companies do to make the initial start-up costs seem smaller. They are truly a top-notch virtual tour company to work with.  Thanks RTV!! 

Larry  Kohl