The IMAGE 39 – Smooth Sailing in Fusion 2

The IMAGE photography talkshowBoating can be very relaxing and enjoyable when you experience smooth sailing.  That is what I want your Fusion experience to be…Smooth Sailing.

Continuing on with Part 2 of Smooth Sailing in Fusion, I will delve into the details and how-to’s for Custom Branding in the wonderful new Fusion virtual tour software system.  In this webinar I will cover information about custom backgrounds for flyers, tours, and galleries.  I will even show you how to create your own custom backgrounds and themes so that your customers can get the most out of Fusion’s powerful branding options.

Join me Ben Knorr, as I walk you through and explain the details of how to create custom backgrounds so that you too can enjoy smooth sailing.

If there are any other parts of Fusion that you would like me to give a more detailed explanation about, or areas that you have unanswered questions about, then please send an e-mail to ben(at)  Please make the subject of your e-mail Smooth Sailing in Fusion 2 and include the  questions that you would answered during this webinar.  Please get your e-mail to me by 10/26/12.

We hope you enjoy all the new Fusion system updates and be sure to get ready for what’s to come during Phase Two!

Join us October 30, 2012 at 7pm Eastern for…Smooth Sailing in Fusion 2.  Register now in your TMS

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